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Anavar Review. Where to Buy Anavar Online


Anavar – and the history and pharmacological properties of the drug

This article is about one of the most efficient and effective anabolic steroid drugs – oxandrolone (Anavar). Created to maximize the anabolic effects the drug differs sufficiently low estrogen and progestin activity. Most athletes prefer this steroid due to the fact that it has virtually no side effects and helps to acquire high-quality and beautiful body without the presence of excess fluid and fat deposits. A distinctive feature of this steroid hormone is a huge anabolic effect that is 10 times higher than testosterone effect. As a rule, the athletes buy Anavar for training period before the competition and in the need to significantly improve their speed and power performances.

Brief history

The creation of this steroid relate to 1964 with the birthplace in the United States of America. Jung and Pappo – employees of the famous American «Searle» company, developed the drug. These scientists originated the idea to introduce a heteroatom to the steroid. Due to this, the unique synthetic steroid was created in which the A ring heterocycle, wherein the second carbon atom has been replaced by an oxygen atom.

The first try to imagine the action of AAS happened to experimental rats. In the cycle of scientific experiments, the researchers found that in rodents there is a decrease the level of nitrogen in urine and an increase in the synthesis of active muscle fibers of the protein. This brilliant result becomes a reason for the organization of the patent, followed by the release of AAS into the consumer market.

The result of the research, the oxandrolone was released to the market and for a long time sold under the trademark “Anavar”. For 25 years, the hormonal drug takes an active leadership position in the consumer market in the US. The active sales were noticed in such countries as Argentina, France, Australia, Germany and Spain.

Due to its moderate anabolic effect of the drug is actively used not only by men but also by women and children.

Pharmacological properties

Today, the consumer market, this steroid hormone can be found under the following trade brands:

  • Vasorome
  • Anavar
  • Oxandrin
  • Anatrofil

The main biological property of Anavar that is significantly different from other hormonal steroids – a moderate androgenic effect on the background of a good anabolic action. Its anabolic activity is 400% higher than natural testosterone indicators, but androgen, on the contrary, is reduced to 25%. Anavar does not convert into estrogens, so a cycle of steroid does not require the combination with drugs such as Tamoxifen or Proviron. Despite the fact that this drug belongs to the group of 17 alpha steroid, it has very low toxic effect on the liver, which occurs only in the case of severe overdose. Scientific evidence shows that when taken at a dosage of Anavar 20 mg daily for 12 weeks, the activity of liver enzymes practically does not change.


People buy Anavar for various sports. Athletes who need a nice relief and a spectacular venous pattern buy Anavar. Representatives of heavy weight categories buy Anavar for combined cycles due to very good quality of gained muscle mass also select it. Anavar is a must-have for all athletes of the lightweight sports disciplines. This list includes swimmers, sprinters, jumpers, and other athletes. The most stunning effect of the hormonal steroid brings it into a career of athletes. They buy Anavar to improve the indicators of strength and endurance that will not affect the weight category during the competition period.





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