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Psychological Effects of Steroids, Aggression from Steroids


The use of AAS, often accompanied by a number of negative consequences. In most cases, they occur when the substance is used incorrectly, its dosage is increased, and recommendations are violated. As a result, such abnormalities develop as a violation of the hormonal balance. Proportional distribution of the female and male sex hormones, should be correct, otherwise problems such as decreased libido, subcutaneous fat, gynecomastia, acne and other side effects may develop.


There are also other negative reactions, with less pronounced character. They do not exert a special influence on the body of athletes. To a number of such reactions, it is possible to attribute aggression caused by the reception of certain steroids.


Why steroid users can be aggressive?


All interested in the fact, where does this reaction come from. This is due to the fact that during the period of taking steroids, the amount of testosterone increases. This male sex hormone, which has the distinctive features inherent only in men. The amount of this hormone distinguishes men from women in terms of physiology and psychology. Aggression is a manifestation of emotions inherent mostly in men. It was used for difficult situations to survive in dangerous conditions. Aggression was used at the time of fights and in everyday life, because it was completely different.


Aggression from steroids


A large amount of testosterone is also accompanied by a large index of aggression. It is very important to understand what this phenomenon is.


In the concept of aggression – self-confidence and actions, determination. That’s right, it looks like aggression from taking drugs with androgenic and anabolic activity. As such, there is no aggression, as an independent phenomenon, from the reception of the AAS.


Where did the phenomenon come from?


Many faced such a concept as “steroid rage”. How did it come about? The appearance of the phrase occurs at a time when steroids have not been excluded from the whitelist of drugs in the United States, and their use has been quite legal. That is, if a man committed a crime and argued his “steroid rage,” his charges were mitigated. Even at the time of the trial, when passing judgment, this fact influenced the course of events. Naturally, there was no such thing as steroid rage and all the incidents were with a clear mind. Then the reception of the AAS was banned and it was already impossible to use such an alibi.


Where did the term “Steroid rage” come from?


Steroid rage, like the concept of aggression, when using steroids does not happen. A number of representatives, behaving defiantly and brazenly, refer to the fact that they are on the steroid cycle. Most often, this is the behavior of young athletes up to 21 years old. Steroids in no way affect the appearance of this phenomenon. Unless, the use of substances in large quantities with a high index of androgenic activity, for example, trenbolone, can affect the state of the psychological type. A lot depends on the individual characteristics of the athlete, if he can control his emotions and restrain himself in conflict situations, there will be no such reactions. The only thing that is present during the reception period is the growth of self-confidence.


The athlete taking steroids is the same, only with a high level of male sex hormones. This does not affect his psychological indicators.





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