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Steroids for Women, Side Effects of Steroids for Women


Steroids for women


Oxandrolone: the most suitable steroid for girls, because, using it, the risk of side effects is minimal. Of course, the steroid should be taken in therapeutic dosages, you can start with 10mg a day, and experienced and mature women should limit to 20mg. Duration of the cycle should not exceed 8 weeks, it is optimal to take a steroid for 4-8 weeks, monitoring the condition of the body and canceling the drug on time. By the way, it is the ability to quickly cancel the drug and start PCT is the reason why women need to use just short esters. If you use any long steroid, even the easiest, administering your condition will be much more difficult.


Winstrol: a good solution for a girl, since the steroid has an 320% anabolic, and 30% androgenic indexes. In addition, for girls who put themselves a comprehensive cycle with the participation of the deca, which, of course, should be done only under the supervision of a sports doctor, but nevertheless, the participation of stanozolol in such a “mix” neutralizes the progestogenic side effects of the deca. Winstrol for female bodybuilders is recommended in dosages 25 mg 2 times a week. Cycle duration, by itself, 4-8 weeks. If the goal is cutting, then Winstrol can be used in combination with oxandrolone: 10 mg of Oxandrolone per day and 25 mg of Winstrol per week. Solo Winstrol is also used for “drying”, bulking cycle require combination with other steroids.


Other drugs: we are talking about the HGH and insulin, the reception of which significantly enhances the effect of taking AAS, but which you need to apply if you have already tried out the effectiveness of mono cycles of oxandrolone. Women can use twice as much bigger dosages of HGH than men, although cycle should start with therapeutic dosages, gradually increasing them and observing the condition.


PCT for women


The question of post cycle therapy is burning for everyone, despite the fact that it would seem that the girls are not able to restore endogenous testosterone. Well, to restore what they don’t have, sounds stupid. In fact, women, of course, have testosterone, In the normal state there is low level of testosterone, but after the cycle there will be even less. The way women will do PCT has the same importance as the cycle itself. First, the women should not use aromatase inhibitors in any case, preferring the blocker of estrogen receptors(ex. clomid, tamoxifen). Secondly, female bodybuilder need to gradually reduce dosages on the end of the cycle, for example, they can take a steroid 2 days 75%, 2 days 50% and 3 days 25% of initial dosages in the last week.


Female bodybuilders also can have such pronounced side effects from taking steroids, like depression, increased appetite and decreased immunity. To fight with depression you can use teas, glycine, valerian extract and sex. Frequent and good sex during post cycle therapy is its important and indispensable part. As for the appetite, it will have to be controlled solely by will, excluding fast carbs and fats from the diet. To increase immunity, it is worth using vitamin complexes, as well as other pharmacy products that can advise your doctor or pharmacist.




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