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TOP 5 mistakes on first steroid cycle


Experienced bodybuilders often hear questions from people who do not occupy any sport: “How to gain muscular mass as soon as possible, how to dry out and how to just be beautiful and strong?” Today, information about training, nutrition and anabolic steroids (AAS) is available to all. More and more people are ready to apply to support from anabolic steroids. Below you can find information about popular mistakes made by non-professional athletes during the use of anabolic steroids.

This information can be useful, especially for young athletes and amateurs who decided to use anabolic steroids. Many of them make mistakes in the preparation of the first cycle.


So, the TOP 5 mistakes made on the first cycle


  1. Use of anabolic steroids before the age of 21.


The use of steroids before this age is not recommended, since the level of endogenous (internal) testosterone is so high without the intervention of exogenous (external) hormone. At this age the organism continues to form its endocrine system.


  1. Receiving steroids with a small experience in the gym.


Do not take steroids if you have a little workout experience. When taking steroids, muscles are rapidly becoming stronger. However, the ligamentous apparatus does not progress so rapidly. There appears risk of injury. Minimum experience of training should be 2-3 years. During this time, the ligament apparatus will have time to adapt to the loads.


Important fact:

To gain weight, you need to consume calories by 15% more than you spend. To lose weight – 15% less (How much you need to consume calories for weight gain).


  1. Frivolous attitude towards health state.


Any pharmacological drug has contraindications and side effects. Make sure that you do not have chronic heart disease, liver, kidney or endocrine system problems.


  1. Too long and difficult cycle.


When you use steroids for the first time, you should not cycle longer than 6 weeks. Your goal is to take a short steroid cycle, look at the body’s reaction and make conclusions. Give preference to solo cycles (taking only one drug). Do not use more than 1 oral medication, such as: methandienone, oxandrolone, stanozolol, oxymetholone, turinabol. With this use, the load on the liver will increase, since they are alkylated by 17-alpha steroids. Stop your choice on one of the above drugs. Since they are less aromatized and do not significantly damage your endogenous testosterone. With the correct combination of the drug, diet, exercise, rest, you can achieve results even when taking a solo scheme. Remember – a more is not always better.


  1. Insufficient intensity of training.


Many beginners remain on the same workout routine while taking steroids. During the cycle, add at least one training day per week. The intensity of training should also change. This is due to the acceleration of the process of recovery of the body




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